What do I say on social media?

Are you stuck when it comes to writing status updates,  publishing blog posts or shooting videos for youtube?

Creating good content (useful, valuable content) for social media (blogs, Facebook, twitter, Linked, Youtube) can be a daunting task.

A great exercise to get your content flowing is to identify the common questions that prospects ask about your industry, expertise, products or services.

Here’s the process:
1. Think about your prospects. Picture them in your mind. Identify specific people and conversations.


2. What questions have they asked? Which ones are common?   Now, write down the frequently asked questions. See if you can identify 12 questions. These will be your blog post titles. Identifying 12 will give you 1 blog post a month for the year.


3. Answer the questions in paragraph form. These will be your blog posts.


4. Analyze your answer to see if it can be broken down into small (think 140 characters or less) chunks. These chunks will be your status updates.


This Q & A content should not be written as sales material but as a resource to help your target audience gain understanding, solve a problem or accomplish an objective. The goal of the content is to add value to the reader or viewer. Doing this consistently will allow you or your brand to build rapport with the audience, demonstrate credibility, increase visibility and strengthen the business relationship.


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About Michelle Cullison: Michelle is an acclaimed professional speakerMichelle Cullison | Social Media Consulting | Social Media Training, author, and the President of Daystar New Media, Inc.  Since 1993, she has helped hundreds of clients expand their businesses from web site to the web presence.   Michelle knows how to leverage the power of the social web with tools like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   Today, through her speaking, training and consulting services, she equips companies to expand from web site to web presence by developing and implementing effective social media strategies.