What do I say on social media?

Are you stuck when it comes to writing status updates,  publishing blog posts or shooting videos for youtube? Creating good content (useful, valuable content) for social media (blogs, Facebook, twitter, Linked, Youtube) can be a daunting task. A great exercise to get your content flowing is to identify the common questions that prospects ask about your industry, expertise, products or services. Here's the process: 1. Think about your prospects. Picture them in your mind. Identify … [Read more...]

Gratitude & Value: Social Media Business Essentials

Start your new year off right by completing this 10 minute exercise: 1. Write down the names of 3 people who helped you develop yourself or your business over the last 12 months. Then, show your gratitude by sending them a thank you card, email or message on a social network. 2. Write down 3 ways you added professional value to others during the last 12 months. Then, congratulate yourself out loud. You may be thinking, What does this have to do with social media? It has everything to … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.3 Visual Tab Problem Solved

Wordpress 3.3 Users:  I was able to solve the inactive Visual Tab problem by installing the Use Google Libraries plugin. Description of problem: After the upgrade to 3.3, the visual tab was no longer accessible. Posts could only be edited in HTML. To see if your theme is the problem, install Twenty Eleven, activate it and test. To see if your plugins are the problem, deactivate all and test.   … [Read more...]

Help! My WordPress Blog Article Didn’t Post as Scheduled

The call for help came early this morning! "Help! I scheduled my blog articles and they didn't publish!" Wordpress is usually a REALLY faithful tool so I immediately logged into the client's wordpress site to see if I could find the problem. It appeared that none of the articles were marked as Scheduled. All the problem articles were showing up as Drafts. Of course, that was the problem. But, why did this client think the article was scheduled? I opened one of the suspect drafts and found … [Read more...]

Daily Expansion Required

Connections. Friends. Followers. Credibility. Visibility. Reach. Influence. This is the language of Social Media. A web site is no longer enough.  People want availability and interaction.  Decision makers are struggling to determine which communication channels to use, what to publish, how to engage and manage conversations and who in the organization is responsible.  To achieve success in the social spaces, companies need to expand daily. This requires: A strategy tied to defined … [Read more...]

New Today on Twitter: A Follow Button

I've got one. Do you? I'm talking about the newest feature on Twitter, the follow button.  It's a button you can place on your website to invite site visitors to follow you on twitter WITHOUT leaving your website. Check it out on sidebar of this blog, SocialMediaExplained.com. This is a great new way to grow your twitter following with people who are familiar with your  company. In the past, as in yesterday, it was a risk to promote twitter on your home page because, if visitors left … [Read more...]

How Can I Reach Them? Let Me Count the Ways

“They’re not responding to my emails!” Believe it or not, the quote above is from a managing attorney of a successful law firm about his experience trying to reach recent law school graduates for recruitment. The potential candidates weren’t spurning him or the firm. The problem was simple. The candidates weren’t checking their email. They were oblivious to the opportunity. The hiring attorney assumed email was a primary communication tool for the new graduates because it is a primary … [Read more...]

Peace, Love and LinkedIn

The 70’s are gone but being a groupie is definitely in-especially on LinkedIn.  So, today I’m asking you to be a groupie. Here’s why: LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, requires that you clarify your relationship with a person before you can invite them to connect.  In other words, you have to have an existing relationship and prove it by indicating where you worked or attended school with the person.  If you simply claim to be a friend,  you will need to provide the person's email address. You won’t … [Read more...]

Saving Time with Social Media

These word sets, saving time and social media, don’t often go together. Oh, but they do!!! Let me tell you how.  You’ve probably heard of RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Perhaps, you’ve subscribed to a couple of blogs using this technology. But, you probably don’t know that this techie tool can save you loads of time.  Many of today’s web-based tools and social media sites support RSS technology, so you can simply post content once and stream it across the social web to multiple sites. … [Read more...]

Feel Young Again with Bing

“Mom, I’m getting old. The freshman class is saying Bing it!“ This quote comes from my 18-year old daughter, a high school senior this year.   SHE’s feeling OLD due to the changes in technology—the move from Google to Bing!  Maybe your business is in the same situation.   Are you stuck using old techniques that don’t work like they used to?  Here are 5 ways to renew your business website traffic by leveraging search and social media: Fully develop a content rich Bing.com/local Business … [Read more...]