Don’t Get Stuck in the Sand

When it comes to social media and business, there are 3 approaches businesses can take: keep moving and yell, slow down and adapt or veer off and give it a try.  It’s a lot like a bike ride I took this morning.  I was moving briskly, enjoying the wind in my face, when I approached a curve and there in the middle of the path was an elderly man walking slowly and doing calisthenics—totally oblivious to my presence.  I had three choices: Keep moving and yell. Slow down and share the … [Read more...]

I want a fancy, schmancy email signature…

I want a fancy, schmancy email signature. How did you do that? Since I recently updated my outlook signature file to include 5 social media icons (see image below), people keep saying,  "I want one of those!" and asking, "How did you do that?" Today, I'll show you how to make your email signature look like this: Before heading over to Outlook to edit your signature, perform a search for social media icons. There are literally thousands of styles to choose from grunge to glowing … [Read more...]

We don’t need a map just a police escort…

  We don’t need a map.  That’s what my van full of friends told me as we left Erie, PA and headed to Niagara Falls, Canada for a Christmas shopping extravaganza on a cold December evening in 1996. I ALWAYS travel with a map. I almost spoke up, but, I thought, “These ladies are locals and they’ve made this trip before.” Three hours later, we were circling a Canadian lake in a small, unknown town laughing all the way but without a clue how to get to our hotel. Soon, a Canadian policeman … [Read more...]

Beau Coup Ways to Use Facebook Page Tabs for Business Growth

You may think reading about facebook page tabs is boring but after reading this,  you will see that tabs can lead to beau coup (French for many) opportunities for business growth. And, THAT is anything but boring! Here we go! I'm going to share 5 ways to use Facebook tabs to drive business: 1. Put YOUR BEST website page---the one with a strong call to action-- on the most visited site on the internet.  Facebook surpassed Google as THE MOST VISITED site on the internet this year. With … [Read more...]

This Week on Facebook – Changing Widths and Disappearing Boxes

Two major changes are underway this week on Facebook that may affect the way your profile or page handles content that flows from Facebook applications. These changes were part of the Roadmap announced in Oct 2009. Here are the changes you should be aware of:  1. Tab Page Width Allowances are changing from 760 pixels to 520 pixels.  The Tab page width changes began rolling out yesterday.  The old page width of 760 An example of the 760 page width is the McDonald’s  McCafe tab, while the … [Read more...]

What’s the difference between Facebook profiles, pages and groups?

Let’s talk about it. Profiles The personal profile is the core of facebook. Everything that is done on facebook revolves around it.  People with profiles create and join groups. People with profiles create pages and become fans of pages.  While you can administrate a page on facebook and no one can see your personal profile, you still must have a profile to create a page with full-functionality. (Note: You may create a page first and then connect it to a profile, but without a profile, you may … [Read more...]

Interview with Ian Griffin in Orlando

Last week at the National Speakers Association Annual Convention, Ico-presented a breakout session, along with two of my business partners, Myra Corrello, PhD and Jennifer Ledet. In the session, we shared our lessons learned from co-producing a major public conference.  In particular, we talked about how we used social media to gain major corporate sponsorship, fill the room (300 attendees) and keep them in their seats till the end of the day! Ian Griffin, Freelance Speechwriter of Executive … [Read more...]

Grab your Youtube Channel

Businesses are using YouTube for marketing, education, communications, product information, technical instruction and inspiration. Follow these 5 steps to create your own Youtube Channel: Decide on your Youtube Channel Name. This name will entered as the USERNAME in the account creation process. Go to and click Create Account. Username becomes Channel name. For corporate branding, you will likely make the username your business or brand name.For personal branding, the … [Read more...]

Managing Status Updates is a web-based service that is marketed as a Twitter Client. However, it is so much more! With a free account, you can manage and post status updates with one-click on these social sites: Twitter Profiles Facebook Profiles and Pages LinkedIn Profiles MySpace and FourSquare Profiles sites and account (a multi-account management tool that accesses numerous networks.) HootSuite, one of my favorite One-Click Social Media Management tools, can … [Read more...]

Can I merge 2 LinkedIn profiles into one?

I've had several people ask me this question over the last year or two: Can I merge two LinkedIn profiles into one? Unfortunately, there isn't a merge feature yet! So, you will need to decide which profile to keep and which to delete.  Decide based on number of connections and/or how developed your profile is. Tip: I would keep the one with the most connections and move the profile data. Here are some steps to help you successfully move to a single profile: 1. Login to the Account … [Read more...]