10 Ways to Strengthen your Facebook Profile for Business

Getting Started on Facebook for Business? Here are the top 10 things you can do to make your Facebook profile strong: 1. Add a Profile Picture 2. Fill out the Information Page with your professional image in mind 3. Upload photos that depict the professional but likeable you. Add video too if you have it! 4. Install Applications such as: My LinkedIn Profile Beware of adding too many meaningless apps so your message isn't lost in the noise. 5. Create Valuable Status Updates What's important? To … [Read more...]

Get into LinkedIn – Are you there yet?

Social Media is the HOT topic for business in the down economy. From marketing to customer support, from research to training services, social media is the platform known to reach large audiences at a minimal cost. One of the most widely used social networking sites for business is LinkedIn.com. On LinkedIn individuals create profiles that are like dynamic resumes. From the profile an individual creates connections with other individuals. There are 4 main components-data areas-on LinkedIn: … [Read more...]

Xobni – Marketing between the lines!

      This morning I downloaded the product, Xobni, an add-on to Outlook. At the end of the installation of the add-on software, the Finish dialog box wasn't just wasted space. Xobni took advantage of an opportunity to connect with their target market! They filled the wasted space with an friendly picture of the xobin team along with the message "Thanks for installing!"  Kudos to the xobni marketing team! Where is the wasted space in your business processes? Examine all of your customer … [Read more...]

You better not be Twishing on Twitter

I missed one on the WSJ web 2.0 quiz this morning. (I actually guessed it-but only because it was multiple choice!) Here is the question: What is twishing? A. An online game like whist B. Scamming users of Twitter C. Hoping the T will arrive D. A Wii-based online dance craze. Answer: B. Scamming users of Twitter Like me, you've probably heard of phishing scams-the emails that imitate messages from banks or other online accounts-and invite you to login. When you do, you are actually logging … [Read more...]

Adding Twitter to Facebook, MySpace and more…

If you want to integrate your Twitter profile into your Facebook Profile, MySpace profile or other web space, visit this page offered by Twitter, http://twitter.com/widgets, select Facebook (or your choice) and follow the instructions. Getting your social sites integrated with each other is one way to build your following in multiple locations so you will be ready to build relationships and build your business in 2009! … [Read more...]

TwitScoop – What's hot and what's not on Twitter

Do you know what is hot on Twitter.com right now? Twittscoop is a tool designed to keep you informed! Twitscoop creates a tag cloud of the words that are currently being tweeted more than other words. You can display twittscoop results on your blog, like this: … [Read more...]

Getting Your LinkedIn Profile to 100%

New users on LinkedIn are often curious about how they can get their profile to 100%. To complete a LinkedIn profile, users must add the following information: Current employment position Two past employment positions Education info Profile summary Profile photo  Specialties Info At least three recommendations … [Read more...]

Odiogo Voice to Content – Free for Bloggers

I was just reading a blog article on MarketingProfs.com and decided to listen to the post instead of read it. I checked out the company link on the audio player and discovered http://www.odiogo.com/. I've installed the plugin for Wordpress and this post will be first test for converting my blog posts to audio so that my blog readers can choose to read or listen to my post! Amazingly, the plugin and RSS Feed service is FREE! You can't beat that for convenient podcasting! … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

If you are looking for a new job, LinkedIn.com is one of the most important places to be. Here are 5 Ways you can used LinkedIn in the job search process. 1. Present Yourself with a Professional Profile Creating a profile only takes a few minutes but creating a profile that gets you the job you want will require a significant investment of time and energy. Like a resume, your profile should highlight your greatest accomplishments so employers who view your profile can quickly see why they … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Blog for Business

If you are a professional service provider and you are unsure of the benefits of blogging, read on.  Professional service providers who blog:   1.       Become a resource for readers...people will follow you! 2.       Create conversation with readers...people get to know you! 3.       Build keyword rich content to drive targeted web traffic...people will find you on the web! People want to do business with experts they know and trust. Business experts want to connect with a stream of … [Read more...]