10 Things Every Blog Needs to Be Successful

There are two sides to a blog: the human side and the technical side.  If either side fails, the blog is weak. Here are 10 things every blog needs to be successful. On the human side, a great blog needs: Blogs need a clear purpose. Blogs that ramble about many things are rarely successful. Blogs are typically defined by topic but they can also be defined by the personality of the blogger or the needs of the audience the blogger serves. Here are few examples (the first 2 are my consulting … [Read more...]

What do I say on social media?

Are you stuck when it comes to writing status updates,  publishing blog posts or shooting videos for youtube? Creating good content (useful, valuable content) for social media (blogs, Facebook, twitter, Linked, Youtube) can be a daunting task. A great exercise to get your content flowing is to identify the common questions that prospects ask about your industry, expertise, products or services. Here's the process: 1. Think about your prospects. Picture them in your mind. Identify … [Read more...]

Help! My WordPress Blog Article Didn’t Post as Scheduled

The call for help came early this morning! "Help! I scheduled my blog articles and they didn't publish!" Wordpress is usually a REALLY faithful tool so I immediately logged into the client's wordpress site to see if I could find the problem. It appeared that none of the articles were marked as Scheduled. All the problem articles were showing up as Drafts. Of course, that was the problem. But, why did this client think the article was scheduled? I opened one of the suspect drafts and found … [Read more...]

Saving Time with Social Media

These word sets, saving time and social media, don’t often go together. Oh, but they do!!! Let me tell you how.  You’ve probably heard of RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Perhaps, you’ve subscribed to a couple of blogs using this technology. But, you probably don’t know that this techie tool can save you loads of time.  Many of today’s web-based tools and social media sites support RSS technology, so you can simply post content once and stream it across the social web to multiple sites. … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Blog for Business

If you are a professional service provider and you are unsure of the benefits of blogging, read on.  Professional service providers who blog:   1.       Become a resource for readers...people will follow you! 2.       Create conversation with readers...people get to know you! 3.       Build keyword rich content to drive targeted web traffic...people will find you on the web! People want to do business with experts they know and trust. Business experts want to connect with a stream of … [Read more...]