5 Steps to Facebook Business Timelines N’awlins Style

Timelines are here! If you haven’t configured your page for the new look, follow these 5 steps today: 1. Use the Visual Nature of the new Timeline to make Facebook Page Visitors FEEL like they’re comin’ by your house. a.  Use your cover photo, profile picture and About text to connect with your guests’ emotions. Use images that stir positive feelings about your company, brand, product or service.  Tip for cover photo selection process: How will this image make page visitors feel about … [Read more...]

We don’t need a map just a police escort…

  We don’t need a map.  That’s what my van full of friends told me as we left Erie, PA and headed to Niagara Falls, Canada for a Christmas shopping extravaganza on a cold December evening in 1996. I ALWAYS travel with a map. I almost spoke up, but, I thought, “These ladies are locals and they’ve made this trip before.” Three hours later, we were circling a Canadian lake in a small, unknown town laughing all the way but without a clue how to get to our hotel. Soon, a Canadian policeman … [Read more...]

Beau Coup Ways to Use Facebook Page Tabs for Business Growth

You may think reading about facebook page tabs is boring but after reading this,  you will see that tabs can lead to beau coup (French for many) opportunities for business growth. And, THAT is anything but boring! Here we go! I'm going to share 5 ways to use Facebook tabs to drive business: 1. Put YOUR BEST website page---the one with a strong call to action-- on the most visited site on the internet.  Facebook surpassed Google as THE MOST VISITED site on the internet this year. With … [Read more...]

What’s the difference between Facebook profiles, pages and groups?

Let’s talk about it. Profiles The personal profile is the core of facebook. Everything that is done on facebook revolves around it.  People with profiles create and join groups. People with profiles create pages and become fans of pages.  While you can administrate a page on facebook and no one can see your personal profile, you still must have a profile to create a page with full-functionality. (Note: You may create a page first and then connect it to a profile, but without a profile, you may … [Read more...]

Meeting Planners Q & A about Facebook

On Tuesday, August 25, 2009, Plan Your Meetings, sponsored a webinar, hosted by David Nour with Michelle Cullison and Nhat Pham. These questions were asked by the meeting planners: 1. Can a group created by an individual be moved to a public business page? Moving from a group to a company page is a manual process. Create the page and then invite all group members to become a Fan of the new page. Some Group admins put a deadline on the move and close the group. You may also provide some … [Read more...]

Facebook Badges

I am often asked the question, "How do I create a badge for my FB page?" A badge is an icon that indicates you have a presence on Facebook and want to connect with you. There are 2 types of badges: personal and page badges. Personal badges link to personal profiles. Page badges link to business pages. To create a personal badge, go to your Profile Page and scroll down to the bottom of the left column. There you will find the "Create a Profile Badge" link. Click the link to go to your … [Read more...]