Gratitude & Value: Social Media Business Essentials

Start your new year off right by completing this 10 minute exercise: 1. Write down the names of 3 people who helped you develop yourself or your business over the last 12 months. Then, show your gratitude by sending them a thank you card, email or message on a social network. 2. Write down 3 ways you added professional value to others during the last 12 months. Then, congratulate yourself out loud. You may be thinking, What does this have to do with social media? It has everything to … [Read more...]

Daily Expansion Required

Connections. Friends. Followers. Credibility. Visibility. Reach. Influence. This is the language of Social Media. A web site is no longer enough.  People want availability and interaction.  Decision makers are struggling to determine which communication channels to use, what to publish, how to engage and manage conversations and who in the organization is responsible.  To achieve success in the social spaces, companies need to expand daily. This requires: A strategy tied to defined … [Read more...]

Interview with Ian Griffin in Orlando

Last week at the National Speakers Association Annual Convention, Ico-presented a breakout session, along with two of my business partners, Myra Corrello, PhD and Jennifer Ledet. In the session, we shared our lessons learned from co-producing a major public conference.  In particular, we talked about how we used social media to gain major corporate sponsorship, fill the room (300 attendees) and keep them in their seats till the end of the day! Ian Griffin, Freelance Speechwriter of Executive … [Read more...]

Grab your Youtube Channel

Businesses are using YouTube for marketing, education, communications, product information, technical instruction and inspiration. Follow these 5 steps to create your own Youtube Channel: Decide on your Youtube Channel Name. This name will entered as the USERNAME in the account creation process. Go to and click Create Account. Username becomes Channel name. For corporate branding, you will likely make the username your business or brand name.For personal branding, the … [Read more...]

Managing Status Updates is a web-based service that is marketed as a Twitter Client. However, it is so much more! With a free account, you can manage and post status updates with one-click on these social sites: Twitter Profiles Facebook Profiles and Pages LinkedIn Profiles MySpace and FourSquare Profiles sites and account (a multi-account management tool that accesses numerous networks.) HootSuite, one of my favorite One-Click Social Media Management tools, can … [Read more...]

New Faceted Search on LinkedIn

Intuitive, precision, dynamic search with less complicated queries-that's what the new faceted search feature offers! You'll find the new filters on the left of the people search page in LinkedIn. The filter fields available are unique to your search. Powerful! With faceted search, you may drill down by relationship (Connection Level) , Industry, Company, Group,  School and more. Check out this product feature announcement from LinkedIn onYoutube. … [Read more...]

5 Social Media Success Tips

1. Set goals, create a social media plan for your business and stick to it.  For example, if you want to reach a fan base of 500 on Facebook, determine to be only about that goal when you login to Facebook during business hours. If you aren’t strategic in your use of Facebook, it can easily become a time waster. 2. In your status updates on all networks, answer this question: What information does my business audience need from me today? 3.  Relate to people on the networks as if you are … [Read more...] Configuration Problems?

Today, I was preparing to demonstrate how to set up and realized my feed wasn't functioning properly. My blog URL (which works fine as an RSS feed in Facebook apps) wasn't working for Twitterfeed. It seems a title tag was missing from the code of my new Wordpress theme.  I utilized the tool Feed Validator to identify the problem. A more common problem is finding the RSS feed URL.  With some applications, your standard URL will work as your … [Read more...]

How to Un-Fan a Page on Facebook

On Facebook, you can become a fan of a business page. However, you may want to bow out at a later date. Here's how: Visit the business page. Scroll down to the bottom of the left hand column. You will see a link that says: Remove me from fans. See figure 1 below. Figure 1-Screenshot from facebook fan page To learn more about social media, sign up for social media bootcamp! … [Read more...]

Adding Twitter to Facebook, MySpace and more…

If you want to integrate your Twitter profile into your Facebook Profile, MySpace profile or other web space, visit this page offered by Twitter,, select Facebook (or your choice) and follow the instructions. Getting your social sites integrated with each other is one way to build your following in multiple locations so you will be ready to build relationships and build your business in 2009! … [Read more...]