How to Set SMART Social Media Goals for your Business – As seen on LinkedIn

Just published on the LinkedIn Pulse: How to Set SMART Social Media Goals for your Business-click to read it.    … [Read more...]

This Week: Keep Giving Thanks, Recover from Too Much Turkey, Roll Up Sleeves and Write 2015 Digital Marketing Goals

It's CyberMonday and 2015 is exactly one month away! You've probably been thinking about spending time on your business and marketing goals for next year. We all know that an unwritten goal is usually a passing thought. But, a goal that is written down is the first step to success. To help you develop your digital marketing goals, work through these 3 exercises in thought and writing: [Click here to use my form for this exercise, submit your answers and get a 25% Coupon]  Think about … [Read more...]

The Path from Tweet to Profit: How to Develop a Digital Strategy for B2B Companies

Dancing the 2-Step is pretty easy. It’s 2 steps. “Quick quick. Slow slow.” So, teaching others to do it should be easy also. You should have step 1 (quick, quick) and step 2 (slow, slow.) Right? Not so fast, there’s a bit more to it. There are actually 8 steps to doing the 2-step! I even found a 3-hour workshop on how to do the 2-step! LOL. That’s not so different than teaching social media.  Read the rest of the story: The Dance of Digital Media: 2 Steps to Close [Lesson 1]  on … [Read more...]

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat Social Media

When speaking about social media, we often hear... "Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat!" All we can say is, "find time for Dat!"   Although, social media networks are free to use, we know your time is valuable and we want to help you SAVE it! So, here you go! First things first, you need a plan! Write down a strategy. What do I want to happen as a result of my daily posts on social media? In other words, what will success look like? Some common elements of strategy are: Establish Goals … [Read more...]

5 Tactics You Don’t Want to Leave Out of Your Digital Marketing Plan

Goals and Objectives.  Strategy.  Tactics.  Logisitics. All are essential for business growth. Take a quick assessment: 1. Have you written your goals for the year? 2. Developed your marketing strategy? 3. Defined the tactics? 4. Mapped the logistics? If you answered no to any (or all) of the questions, start now. You can start preparing for 2013 business growth right now. Let’s keep it simple. The most common goal among professional service providers is this: Increase … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Stuck in the Sand

When it comes to social media and business, there are 3 approaches businesses can take: keep moving and yell, slow down and adapt or veer off and give it a try.  It’s a lot like a bike ride I took this morning.  I was moving briskly, enjoying the wind in my face, when I approached a curve and there in the middle of the path was an elderly man walking slowly and doing calisthenics—totally oblivious to my presence.  I had three choices: Keep moving and yell. Slow down and share the … [Read more...]

Interview with Ian Griffin in Orlando

Last week at the National Speakers Association Annual Convention, Ico-presented a breakout session, along with two of my business partners, Myra Corrello, PhD and Jennifer Ledet. In the session, we shared our lessons learned from co-producing a major public conference.  In particular, we talked about how we used social media to gain major corporate sponsorship, fill the room (300 attendees) and keep them in their seats till the end of the day! Ian Griffin, Freelance Speechwriter of Executive … [Read more...]