Video: How to Expand Your Business with Twitter

On the webcast, we'll discuss how to develop business relationships, build a following and expand  your business on Twitter. This Google Hangout On Air was recorded on Friday, March 21, 2014. Watch and Learn. … [Read more...]

New Today on Twitter: A Follow Button

I've got one. Do you? I'm talking about the newest feature on Twitter, the follow button.  It's a button you can place on your website to invite site visitors to follow you on twitter WITHOUT leaving your website. Check it out on sidebar of this blog, This is a great new way to grow your twitter following with people who are familiar with your  company. In the past, as in yesterday, it was a risk to promote twitter on your home page because, if visitors left … [Read more...] Configuration Problems?

Today, I was preparing to demonstrate how to set up and realized my feed wasn't functioning properly. My blog URL (which works fine as an RSS feed in Facebook apps) wasn't working for Twitterfeed. It seems a title tag was missing from the code of my new Wordpress theme.  I utilized the tool Feed Validator to identify the problem. A more common problem is finding the RSS feed URL.  With some applications, your standard URL will work as your … [Read more...]


Are you on Twitter?  Are you tweeting? Who are you following? Have you been re-tweeted?  How often do you get DMs?  These are the questions floating around business networking conversations these days. Newbies to social networking are nervous because Twitter is an unknown territory--- a very strange one at that!  Who speaks in 140 character snippets? It takes some getting used to.  At first glance, it makes no sense. A glimpse at a home page on Twitter shows fragmented, one-sided conversations … [Read more...]

You better not be Twishing on Twitter

I missed one on the WSJ web 2.0 quiz this morning. (I actually guessed it-but only because it was multiple choice!) Here is the question: What is twishing? A. An online game like whist B. Scamming users of Twitter C. Hoping the T will arrive D. A Wii-based online dance craze. Answer: B. Scamming users of Twitter Like me, you've probably heard of phishing scams-the emails that imitate messages from banks or other online accounts-and invite you to login. When you do, you are actually logging … [Read more...]

Adding Twitter to Facebook, MySpace and more…

If you want to integrate your Twitter profile into your Facebook Profile, MySpace profile or other web space, visit this page offered by Twitter,, select Facebook (or your choice) and follow the instructions. Getting your social sites integrated with each other is one way to build your following in multiple locations so you will be ready to build relationships and build your business in 2009! … [Read more...]