5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

If you are looking for a new job, LinkedIn.com is one of the most important places to be. Here are 5 Ways you can used LinkedIn in the job search process.

1. Present Yourself with a Professional Profile
Creating a profile only takes a few minutes but creating a profile that gets you the job you want will require a significant investment of time and energy. Like a resume, your profile should highlight your greatest accomplishments so employers who view your profile can quickly see why they should hire you.

2. Get Solid Recommendations On Your Profile
Get in touch with former managers and request a LinkedIn recommendation from them. Next, if you work directly with clients, you may want recommendations that highlight your strengths from a client perspective. Tip: If you have received complimentary emails in the past from bosses or clients, repurpose those emails by replying back to the author asking if they would be willing to post their words of recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.

3. Use Job Search to Identify Available Positions of Interest
The Job Search tool on LinkedIn is unique from other Job databases because you can see who in your network is connected to someone in the company that has posted the job. Tip: Request a personal introduction to the job poster by someone in your network who is connected to the person posting the job.

4. Use People Search To Identify Hiring Personnel
On LinkedIn, you can search people by various information such as keywords, titles and location. For example, if you are a CPA moving to Atlanta and need to begin your job search. Here is what you could do: Search people by
Industry: Accounting Industry
Location: Near 30303 (an Atlanta zip code)
Title: HR
Your search results will show who fits these criteria in your network and in the greater LinkedIn network.

5. Answer Questions in Your Area of Expertise to Increase Your Exposure
To gain greater exposure and put a spotlight on your areas of expertise, search Answers on LinkedIn for questions related to your expertise. Answer as many as you can to the best of your ability. By entering the conversation, you will be exposed to new contacts many of whom may be recruiters or employers who are looking for an expert in your industry.

If you have specific questions regarding how to use LinkedIn for Job searches, please post them as comments and I will answer them in a future post! Thanks for joining the conversation.

Michelle Cullison, New Media Strategist