Can I merge 2 LinkedIn profiles into one?

I’ve had several people ask me this question over the last year or two: Can I merge two LinkedIn profiles into one?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a merge feature yet!

So, you will need to decide which profile to keep and which to delete.  Decide based on number of connections and/or how developed your profile is.

Tip: I would keep the one with the most connections and move the profile data.

Here are some steps to help you successfully move to a single profile:

1. Login to the Account you want to delete.
2. Export the Connections to an csv or excel file. (See link at bottom of Connections)
3. Save all profile info into a Word Document.
4. Delete the account.(Go to Account & Settings and Close the account.)
5. Login to the account you want to keep.
6. Import the Connections stored in file from deleted account and re-invite them to connect on the correct profile. Offer an explanation since they were already connections on the other profile.
7. Update your profile as needed.
8. Associate multiple email addresses with your LinkedIn account so that people can find you by any of your email addresses. (Go to Account & Settings and Add Email under Personal Info.)

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