How to Clean the Stream & Stop the Monologue on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn and all social networks, it is really important to have interaction (like, comment, message) with your connections. If you don’t, your updates become like a monologue to your connections. And, unless you are a GREAT comedian, who likes a monologue?

LinkedIn Stream Menu

Figure 1

To start talking,  go to the LinkedIn home stream and look for status updates that you sincerely LIKE and LIKE them.  And, if you learn something from a status update or have a question about an update, then add a comment. Keep your comments honest and meaningful. You may find that your home stream is full of profile changes and connection announcements rather than status updates.  For example, if you see a lot of updates that say, So and So just connected to So and So, it is time to clean up your stream.  It’s no fun to read, connection updates and it is way too time consuming.

You will need to turn off the meaningless of activity and configure your home stream to deliver content you can talk about. Here’s how to clean your stream:

1. On your LinkedinHome page, click the All Updates Link shown in the Figure 1.

2.  Then, click Customize.

3.  Select the types of activity you want to appear in your LinkedIn Home Stream. See Figure 2 below.

4. I recommend that you choose at least these 2:

  • Updates shared by Connections
  • Updates from Followed Companies

5. If you are using Groups strategically, check the Group Discussions and  Changes.

6. If you have strategically connected with individuals who have extensive networks of people you want to connect with, then click Updates shared by your Extended Network.

7. In the beginning, less is more – so start with fewer options and then expand your options as you get comfortable with the kind of content that engages you. This small change, customizing your stream,  will make it much easier to dialogue with your LinkedIn connections. If they are posting, you will see it and likely find many ways to talk to your network.  The value of social media and traditional networking is in the relationships.

Listening and interacting with your connections will help you build rapport which leads to good will, a context for business discussions and eventually trust – the best foundation for business and all relationships. LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, is made for business.  Don’t miss your chance to find your target audience listen and engage them in conversation.  People buy from people – especially people they know and trust.

LinkedIn Menu Customization Choices

Figure 2

If you have questions about LinkedIn, post them in the comments  or contact me directly at 504-780-9255 or  I offer consulting and training services on LinkedIn, social media and web communications of all kinds.