The remix we’ve been waiting for: Google My Business

Google My BusinessWe’ve had Google Places, Google Plus Pages, Google Local and Google Maps. Now, we have Google My Business! It’s Google’s new free product for businesses but it’s really more of a remix. The purpose of this new tool set is to simplify the management of Google for Business by combining all of the old Google Local, Places, Maps and Google Plus Pages into a single profile. THANK YOU, Google! We’ve been so confused!

One of the things I love about this new product is automatic merging. While it may take a Google support phone call to get it done, YOU don’t have to do it yourself. By stepping through the sign up process and following instructions (which may include calling support), you can merge all of your Google Business Properties into one place.

Google My Business includes these 5 features:

1. Insights – This data will help you understand how your business is being found. You can only fix and enhance that which you understand. I love that Google is bundling analytics WITH this product.
2. Review Management – It was confusing to businesses and consumers to have multiple google review locations.
3. Social Media – It’s now part of the whole Google Business experience. I’m glad visitors don’t have to find companies on maps and on Gplus.
4. An App – SO you can manage it all on your mobile device. From the reviews and customer comments, status updates and photos to insights and analytics, the My Business App makes it easier to manage.
5. Google My Business Locations – If you have 10 or more, this tool is for you.

If you’ve struggled with duplicate Google accounts, confusion over where your business IS on Google sites, errors or low or no Google account ranking, now is the time to get it right. Visit to get started with Google My Business.


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