Businesses: July 4th Goes Social!

You know we love #hashtags and apparently so do you!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we can see everyone is excited to celebrate.  We noticed “4th of July” was trending on Twitter and then decided to dig deeper.  We looked at each social network to see what businesses are posting about the 4th of July.  We found it was primarily retailers.

The two hashtags we searched for:   #july4  &  #4thofJuly


Clothing stores were all over Pinterest “pinning”  great fashion ideas for July 4th wear that link back to the retailer’s website.  Pinterest is a great way to generate traffic back to a website because each picture can have a URL attached and will send users directly to a website when clicking on the picture.


pinterest july 4th clothes




When searching for businesses using the #4thofJuly hashtag on Instagram, we found it to be primarily clothing stores and boutiques.

These retailers would put several outfits together, and post pictures. The business would list all of their contact information on their Instagram profile page, allowing potential customers to email, call or visit the retail location.  Instagram, however, is a great time saver for customers and gives them a chance to inquire about merchandise directly through the app.  For example (shown below), a customer was able to comment on the photo asking for a specific size, and what location carries that size, then the retailer can reply directly to the customer.  How quick and easy is that?!


July 4th Instagram



July 4th Instagram




It is known that larger brands have a strong presence on Twitter, and here we found two well-known companies promoting a 4th of July sale/discount.  Twitter is a great way to spread the word – and fast!


July 4th Twitter



July 4th Twitter





Food and Clothes!

We found two restaurant chains that promoted the 4th of July, but took two different approaches.  First, we see TGI Fridays decided to use the holiday as an opportunity to promote a product – their “party platters to go.”  Then, we see that Long John Silver’s decided to  use this as a chance to interact with their audience.  They started with trivia,  then followed by announcing local upcoming activities and events for the 4th of July holiday. Finally, we found a retail store using the holiday as an opportunity to offer a discount on merchandise.  All of these are different approaches but can all be successful to generating traffic and leading to more business for each company.



july 4th facebook


July 4th Facebook



July 4th Facebook



As you can see, all of these businesses strive to create a strong social media presence and use these networks to build their brand. We applaud them!


Happy 4th of July! We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.