Wednesday Workout: Go Visual on Social Media

You see them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even on LinkedIn. Businesses are using gorgeous graphics with smart messaging.

And you can too…. Take 15 minutes, spend no more than $1 and create a new professional grade image like the ones you see on your Home Feed.

Ready for the workout?

  1. Head on over to
    This canva image uses a stock photo

    This canva image uses a stock photo

    Canva is the easiest I’ve ever used, non-designers graphic design software.  Their business model is to help non-designers create high end business graphics using professionally designed layouts that incorporate stock photos for sale for $1.  You won’t mind spending  that dollar when you see the results.  Plus, after you get the hang of using Canva, you will sometimes be able to upload your own images and spend $0.

  2. Click on the graphic type: SOCIAL MEDIA.
    You can create other graphics here also: Twitter, G+ or Facebook cover photos and much more.
  3. Think of a helpful quote you routinely say to your clients.

Here’s an example: “Real people are on the other side of your computer screen. Picture your clients and write your social media updates to those specific people.”

Michelle Cullison Quote

This Canva Image was created with a design Background rather than an image

  1. Scroll through the professional images available on the left of the page and select one.
  2. Double click on the sample text and edit to add your quote.
  3. If you want to use a stock photo, keep the one you have OR search by keyword for a relevant graphic.
  4. If your own, click UPLOAD and drag image onto your canvas area.
  5. Or, you can click Background and choose a color or design background rather than an image.
  6. Change colors and/or add elements from the menu.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your work, you can click Download on the top right and save the image to your computer.
  8. Go to the status update area of your favorite network.
  9. Upload photo and any other copy you desire.

You did it! Congrats on a GREAT digital workout!