Break Out Sessions

Michelle has ready-to-go break out sessions on a variety of digital marketing topics. Browse the session titles below.  If you don’t see what you need or if you want the title customized to fit your theme, contact us [504-780-9255] and we’ll create a session to meet your program needs.

Check out our current break out session titles and descriptions:

MOBILE Websites: What, Why and How

With smartphones and tablets taking the market by storm, it is MISSION critical that your website be EASY to USE (and functional) on mobile devices.  In this session, you will learn what makes a website mobile, why mobile matters and 5 ways to make your website mobile.  Throughout the session, we’ll explore examples of GOOD and bad mobile sites to make it easy to understand the obstacles mobile visitors can encounter on a site and what to do to make sure your site visitors don’t encounter them.

Google+: The Social Media PLACE to be for Realtors

Google is still the king of search and their social network, Google Plus (while not facebook) is most definitely a PRINCE in the social media space.  The reason is Google+ is a super SEO Influencer  and a leader in map apps on countless mobile and desktop searches. Real Estate companies interested in reaching the mobile search market will benefit from this session.  Participants will learn how to set up a Google+ PAGE for business, tie it to Youtube Channel (in 1 minute or less) and how to get your real estate business on the mobile map with more bells and whistles (can you say video) than ever before.

Visual Marketing: How to Use Pinterest & Instagram to Market your Real Estate Business

They are mobile. They are social and they’re good for business.  If a picture is worth a thousand words (and in real estate it can be!) then these 2 social networks have the potential to get your marketing moving quicker than a blog.  In this session, you will learn:

1.       How to set up a business page on Pinterest and share it.

2.       How to Set up an Instagram Profile and share it.

3.       5 Ways to Market your Real Estate Business with Pins and Grams.

Show me the Numbers, Baby!

How to make intelligent, fact-based marketing and business decisions using the numbers from Web & Social Media Analytics. This course will equip participants to understand:

Is your Facebook Business page driving you crazy?

This session will put you back in the driver’s seat. You’ll learn how to CRUISE your FB Wall to build strong business relationships, STEER traffic with FB apps and MAP a plan with Facebook Insights. From Welcome pages to Sign Up forms, this session will cover some of the best business/real estate apps on facebook and dispel some common myths about what success with Facebook Pages REALLY looks like.

 Sales 2.0: LinkedIn for Serious Business Development

How to use LinkedIn for lead generation, relationship development and client relationship management. If your audience is made up of sales professionals, consultants or expert service providers and LinkedIn isn’t one of their essential business tools, offer this course. Participants will be equipped to build a targeted network of clients and prospects without being intrusive, demonstrate credibility tactfully and increase visibility exponentially.

 Getting REAL Results with Social Media

You may have an active Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter profile in place but are you clear on the specific business objectives you want to reach with these and other social media tools? In this advanced social media session, we’ll cover 5 ways to use social media to get serious business results.

Firm Foundations: How to Build a Booming Business with Social Media

From Google+ and LinkedIn to Facebook Pages and Twitter Profiles, building a strong presence on the social web positions companies to demonstrate credibility for and increase visibility before a target audience. In this course, participants will step through building a profile (personal and business) on each network, review what content is essential on each and why this investment makes good business sense.

Michelle loves it when her break out session titles to tie into the theme of your conference.

Here are some titles from a convention hosted in New Orleans with a Jazz theme:

Jazz Up Your Business with a Trio: Search, Social & Mobile

Search,  social and mobile can no longer sing solos. They have to work in harmony to JAZZ your business! In this program, participants will learn the basics of each marketing technique along with tips and tricks to make them work together in concert.

RAGTIME SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing

In this session, participants will learn 5 traditional SEO tactics and how they can “ragtime” with mobile SEO and social SEO for maximum visibility.

CLASSIC Social Media Marketing

In this session, participants will learn 5 classic social media marketing tactics and how they “harmonize” with mobile and SEO to build relationships and engage the audience.

SWING Mobile Marketing

In this session, participants will learn the latest trends in mobile marketing (Push/Pull, Local/Proximity and Apps/Commerce) and how to “blend” mobile tactics with search and social tactics to deliver valuable content to an on-the-go audience.

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