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“If you have not hired Michelle to help you with social media, you have no idea what you are missing. There is a new world out there using Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter to get the word out about the services and products businesses offer. I thought myself pretty computer literate, with an MBA and having created several websites, but Michelle helped me accomplish things I could never do on my own like zero in on how to use LinkedIn to reach new clients and develop referrals for my commercial real estate company, Louisiana Commercial Realty. I needed someone to give me one-on-one training and Michelle met with me weekly at my kitchen table and showed me how to use social media from start to finish. She developed a game plan and tracked our progress with assigned homework and goals which really helped bring results. She is the consummate professional and an expert in her field but also has a real gift at understanding your needs better than you and them helping you achieve your goals. The future is social media and if you are not using Michelle to coach you, you’ll be missing a real opportunity. ” Robert Hand, MBA, CCIM, SIOR, Investment Advisor | Commercial Real Estate Broker | Business Analyst 

“Michelle is the consummate professional that I needed to advise me on how to enhance my business using Social Media. She knows more about it than anyone else that I know of, and she quickly cuts to the chase. I plan on hiring her again in the future and am telling anyone who will listen to me of her effectiveness.” Skip Weber, CCIM | Commercial Sales Broker at NAI/Latter & Blum, Inc. 

“Tops in social media and delivery of knowledge. Relates well & assists in guiding you and your business to best benefit. Highly recommend Michelle as a trainer & speaker.” Lynda Nugent Smith, Broker-Associate/Risk Manager at Keller Williams Realty 

“Michelle is an excellent communicator and delivers a meaningful and important message. Investing time in Michelle’s classes is time well spent!!” Holly Callia, Vice PresidentBank of New Orleans

I have been to a number of social media seminars but Michelle Cullison is the first person to give me a full understanding of the powerful impact social media could have on my business and the simple strategies that could get me up and going quickly. Michelle is a charming, gracious, low maintenance speaker. We’re hoping to get her back to Virginia to do some more intensive work with our members and they’re lining up already! Cathy Lewis | President of National Speakers Association Virginia Chapter 

“I am happy to pay when I receive good value and you provide a significant amount of that. In our session yesterday, you got right down to business, helping me improve my social media connections and giving me way to keep track of how I’m doing. As you know, I’m still a novice and learning all the time. You showed me ways to get the most out of the time I can put into my blog and to work smarter.  In your class, I appreciated your ability to convey highly detailed information in formats accessible to technologically challenged folks like me. And you kept it both fun and concrete, using “visual aids” to get the information across. I was taken with the way you stacked up boxes to show how we can connect the various social media. I got a chuckle of the way you hung various objects around your neck. Funny and with a serious purpose: the dollar sign to remind us to keep monetizing in mind at all times, the clock to remind us that time is money. Excellent job all around in both venues.  Thanks! ” Jo-Anna Jones, Planner at South Central Planning and Development Commission 

“You successfully engaged the audience and motivated and inspired them to embrace these new media tools.”
“I appreciate the time and effort you put forth toward personalizing the material to our organization. Not only did it enable our attendees to grasp the information easier, but it also validated that you understand and respect our organization and our work. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I thank you for your professionalism and your ability to challenge our volunteers. We will certainly recommend your presentations to others and look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Speaker Coordinator, Linda V. DeLuca  

“Michelle did a workshop for Assistance League’s national conference on Facebook and using social media to promote your nonprofit. Michelle was not only knowledgeable, professional and personable but she took the time to get to know our organization. Many times our speakers come in and give a presentation with no idea of who we are or what we do. Such was not the case with Michelle. She looked at many of our chapter’s websites and our national website, asked questions and really got to know us. The participants were all very impressed with Michelle’s knowledge and the fact she got to know Assistance League.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Jennie Hampton, Director of Education

“I was afraid and skeptical of social media until I took Michelle’s seminar. She taught us, step by step, not only how to use it, but why we should use it to help our businesses. I was able to use the simple methods she taught to get up and running. In a month we added a blog with email subscribers, LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and hootsuite accounts. I could not believe the website stats when I checked them. The traffic to our site has skyrocketed. If you’re not using social media for your business and marketing, get in touch with Michelle. Don’t procrastinate.” Kevin Gilheany, Consultant | Maritime Compliance International, LLC

“I contracted Michelle to consult on social media strategy for my speaking and training business, Common Sense Solutions. She took time to review my current web presence and not only made recommendations for new social media tools and systems to simplify the process, but also assisted in the implementation of recommended strategies. She was also able to clearly instruct on how to use the tools in the future. I would highly recommend her as a social media consultant and also as a speaker on the topic due to her easy to understand communication style of this technical subject.” Teresa Allen, Professional Speaker 

“Last week I didn’t know what LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter were. Today I have a presence on all three, not to mention my blog on WordPress. This is all thanks to Michelle Cullison’s five day (WEB-BASED)Social Media Boot Camp. I can’t wait to recommend it to others. Michelle is an expert in a field that is changing every single day. My idea in enrolling was that I would learn the basics of using the new Social Media. Definitions would have been big news for me. And I learned those, but in addition with each Section from Facebook to Twitter – and certainly LinkedIn, Michelle provided non stop tips and ideas for using each category. My Social Media manual, which she provides with the course, is crammed with notes to myself, and I am at work on a strategy that, I am confident, will provide growth and sparkle to my business in the year ahead. In these times, when the Social Media are growing explosively, Boot Camp is a necessity. Best of all, I am looking forward to the final webinar next week when Michelle will help me and other attendees fine tune Social Media strategy. Free copies of the webinars are provided for future reference. Michelle is personable and delightful, and being from Louisiana, she talks slowly and clearly enough that even computer illiterates like me can follow her easily. Don’t miss this opportunity.” Dorothy Wilhelm, Humorist Speaker, TV Personality Writer 

“Everyone in business to be aware of the impact of social media marketing and the value of their business presence on the web. Michele can provide you with this knowledge in a comfortable, exact way so that you can immediately start taking advantage of these marketing tools. I highly recommend her training and her Social Media Boot Camp. I am pleased to have her as a business associate and a friend!” Dian Lusher 

“Michelle truly is on the cutting edge of helping small companies use social media to enhance their business development strategies. Michelle’s work is especially beneficial for professional service providers whose worth is determined by their reputation of expertise. Michelle can help them build that reputation. Michelle is also a talented and enthusiastic speaker on the subject. Don’t hesitate to contact her to learn more about her presentations or to see what she may be able to do for your company.” Myra Corrello, PhD 

“Michelle is a natural at teaching and training business owners on how to use the web and the internet to grow their businesses. I owe my understanding of web 2.0 to her. She’s a techy with a personality and the ability to communicate with the rest of us!” Desiree H. Young, MBA