This Week: Keep Giving Thanks, Recover from Too Much Turkey, Roll Up Sleeves and Write 2015 Digital Marketing Goals

It’s CyberMonday and 2015 is exactly one month away!

You’ve probably been thinking about spending time on your business and marketing goals for next year.
We all know that an unwritten goal is usually a passing thought. But, a goal that is written down is the first step to success.

To help you develop your digital marketing goals, work through these 3 exercises in thought and writing:
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  1.  Think about what you would LOVE to see happen next year on each of these digital arenas and write down your thoughts : Website, Email Marketing, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or company page, Twitter, Google Plus and any other networks you participate in. GET SPECIFIC.
  2. Then, think about your marketing pain points by writing down answers to the following questions:
  • Are you being found on Google? Are you being found for the right keywords?
  • Do you need more website engagement? Are people leaving your site quickly-or exploring several pages?
  • Is your network growth stalled? (In other words, are your LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers or Facebook Likes the same as they were last year?)
  • Are your social posts and emails producing any activity – click throughs to website, likes, shares or comments?
  1. Now using what you’ve written, write down your top 3 digital marketing goals for 2015.

Social media marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. It plays a role in web site effectiveness, search engine optimization, audience engagement and mobile marketing.  On the business side, social media touches lead generation, business development, sales and customer service.  It’s an essential.  The tools available today make it much easier to manage and measure.  Now is the time to plan how you can use social media for business growth in 2015.

Submit your answers to the exercise and I’ll send you a 25% off coupon for the Social Media Strategy Lab in January. This lab is available in-person in Metairie OR Online at your desktop. I hope to see you there.