Peace, Love and LinkedIn

Peace, Love & LinkedIn - Be a LinkedIn Groupie

Peace, Love & LinkedIn – Be a LinkedIn Groupie

The 70’s are gone but being a groupie is definitely in-especially on LinkedIn.  So, today I’m asking you to be a groupie.

Here’s why: LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, requires that you clarify your relationship with a person before you can invite them to connect.  In other words, you have to have an existing relationship and prove it by indicating where you worked or attended school with the person.  If you simply claim to be a friend,  you will need to provide the person’s email address. You won’t be allowed to connect if you say you don’t know the person.   Growing your network with new contacts-people you don’t know-can be complicated on LinkedIn.

There is a solution become a LinkedIn Groupie!

Search LinkedIn Groups and identify which ones would position you with people you can build business with (prospects, existing clients, referral partners, colleagues, etc.)  In these groups, you can get to know people by joining and participating in Discussion, a feature of LinkedIn groups. In addition, once you are in a group, LinkedIn allows you to invite your fellow group members to connect. This opens up a brand new avenue for network growth.  I highly recommend that you engage in the group and offer value to its members. The more you do that, the more likely it is that group members will accept your connection requests when you make them and become valuable business connections.

Growing your network to 500 strategic connections (connections within your target market or industry) is one of the first steps to seeing ROI from your LinkedIn time investments. Using groups can help you get the job done!

If you want to learn more about how to develop business on LinkedIn, contact me on LinkedIn or at  michelle@daystarnewmedia.

I’m a proud LinkedIn groupie. I want you to be. Peace. 🙂